Keyboard and Mouse doesn’t work!!! [RaspberryPi]

Published by Harini Thiyagarajan on

Have you ever faced the problem that your USB keyboard and mouse doesn’t work when connected to RaspberryPi?

If yes you are at the right place. I faced this problem recently and tried a lot of methods to overcome it.

Let me share my experience!

Well, it all started when I wanted to connect my RaspberryPi to a monitor and have a separate PC based system rather than interfacing with laptop.

I had so many issues connecting raspberry pi to monitor. I made changes in the config.txt and much more.

Then when i successfully connected it to monitor my usb devices didnt work. They were working perfectly when connected to my PC but not when connected to raspberrypi.

I tried all the methods available on the raspberry pi forum and none worked. I was using 2018 version of raspian. Updates were done, changes in config.txt were done. But all in vain.

Finally I changed the OS to the latest version which solved all the problems from the start. I am sharing my experience and i am not stating that none of the methods work. It might work for you!


There is no need to change code for vga connection.

There is no need to change any devices.

There is no need to change the code for the usb devices either..

I hope this might help you..
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Thank You!


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